Lexi and Jon

I know we’ve said it many times before but it bears repeating. We seriously LOVE what we do!!! We get to meet great people…make new friends…take part in a hugely important day of their lives….and most of all we get to laugh with them….sometimes really hard. We’re pretty convinced we work with the best couples out there….and Jon and Lexi are proof. I mean come on….our first meeting with these two involved burger and beer recommendations from Jon…he even went over to Bevmo and bought us a little sampling of his favorite brews…beyond charming. We certainly all share a passion for the finer (or finest, in our opinion) things in life. Lexi is a beautiful, super sweet, and totally laid-back kinda bride. She didn’t want much fuss or to-do for her big day…just a casual-homey-fun vibe. We adore their son Frankie…he came to the first meeting too. He informed us that his mom had allowed him to pick out the wedding cake. His first thought was a Transformers cake…but then he settled on a cake covered in sprinkles (you know…the donut/ice cream kind)…..which we thought was a grand idea (and it turned out really cute too as you’ll see!). The vibe of this wedding was spectacular…it really suited the three of them perfectly. We’re so honored to have been a part of it. Cheers to Lexi and Jon and Frankie!

Photography: Mi Belle Inc To see more amazing images from this wedding go to the Mi Belle Blog

Venue: Walnut Grove

Bree and Fred Married….Again!



We were looking back over our photos from our 2008 California wedding and remembering just how much fun it was….rushing to sneak in our 3rd wedding (the original one in 1994) before it was too late (somehow we knew we didn’t have much time).  Our short-lived taste of equality didn’t last long but…HA!…we still have that marriage certificate and we’re keepin it : )             

Since we didn’t have a blog back then we never got to share it….so we decided to share our gay-martini-themed wedding #3 with everyone today.  It was a quaint and casual little party with family and friends in our home…our favorite place on earth!  Thanks again to our awesome friends for making this day so much fun….Josh and Mich: Mich for standing up for Fred, for dancin’, and for your sweet speech..and for taking these crazy pics (Mi Belle)….Josh for taking more of these crazy pics….Nean and Bo: Nean for standing up for me, for dancin’,  and for your sweet speech…Bo “Man Crush” for playing guitar for our singing vows….Liser for officiating..and my mom “Momma T” for dancin’ and cookin’ and generally being awesome.  We really have the best friends in the world and we’re so blessed.  Sorry for the barrage of photos to follow….I just couldn’t decide.     

Until our next wedding!         








That's a picture of our dog Stella on my jacket...she had just died a few weeks before the wedding and we wanted her to be there with us (I know...how gay of us : )





Every plate had a gay joke : )


My favorite

Martinis flowed freely


Fred showcasing a cheap bottle of gin...it looks empty though, yea?



Delta Blue…another sweet baby gone forever..

Fred collects Pez...and our friends made all of the cupcakes..YUM



One of many cheers!

Our bestees

And this one too

And these pretty ladies


Momma T in the "mother-daughters dance" to Abba's "Man After Midnight" (yes, it was choreographed)



YWD Magazine Bowties and Boutonnieres

We’re pretty excited to have our boutonnieres published in the fall issue of Your Wedding Day magazine!  Bowties and boutonnieres!  It was so much fun working with Michelle from Mi Belle on this shoot.    Here are the ones that made the cut : )

Ashley and Deacon

Aren’t these two adorable?  And if you can’t already tell by the photos below, they’re madly in love…so sweet, kind, and respectful to each other at all times.  It’s so great to see this kind of love!  They spent months gathering ecclectic vessels, lamps, and other odds and ends for this amazing day….and the best part is that they were equally involved and enthusiastic about making it absolutely unforgettable.  A sweeter couple is hard to come by!  The wedding took place at the beautiful Calamigos Ranch in Malibu and these gorgeous photos were taken by our fave photog….Mi Belle Photography.  Enjoy!



Ashley and Matt

There’s only one thing I love more than BRIGHT, VIBRANT colors:  a bride who also likes them….and isn’t afraid to use them on her big day!  This wedding was bananas….the colors were SO great!  One of my favorites of the season!  Ashley and Matt brought some serious pizazz to the beautiful Hartley Botanica venue in Somis.  Thanks to Sarah Kathleen for sharing these awesome photos!  Congrats Ashley and Matt!

Shana and Craig

Shana and Craig came to us with two clear words to describe their vision for their big day: “purple” and “Paris”.  They had fallen head over heels for Paris, France just as they were falling head over heels for each other….so it was fitting to pay homage to the most romantic place on earth while celebrating the most romantic day of their lives.  Their gorgeous Ojai Valley Inn &  Spa wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and every moment was captured beautifully by uber-talented Josh Beller of Mi Belle Inc Photography.  It was so much fun working with coordinator Amber Weir on this one too.  Congrats Shana and Craig…maybe we’ll catch you in Paris one day : )

Brandy and Moe

One word for this couple: GORGEOUS 
Brandy and Moe are one of the coolest couples we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  So easy-going….so upbeat….so IN LOVE.  (Plus we got to hang out with their beautiful daughter Harlow at all of our meetings : )  Their dark-romantic-rock ‘n roll-ish wedding took place at the beautiful Bacara Resort  in Santa Barbara and was coordinated by Donna Romani (she’s great!)  We have to give a big thank you to Michael and Anna Costa for sharing these amazing images with us!  We’re honored to have been a part of this awesome day!

Syd and Noe

WOW…how did it get to be October?!?  Once again we’ve fallen behind…WAY behind…on the ol’ Rockrose blog.  So here’s to the start of a year in review {clink}.  And Syd and Noe are the perfect couple to kick it off!  Can’t wait to re-live this amazing day.

These two are beautiful people and dear friends of ours and we could’nt have had more fun helping them to create this ADORABLE wedding along with Michelle Beller of  ridiculously-amazing Mi Belle Photography.  I swear if she wasn’t the BEST photographer that I know she ought to be an event planner, she’d be stellar.  Of course…these are all Mi Belle images : )

A Cuban cigar/heart-themed wedding is a dream come true for the Rockrose girls.  A ton of love was whipped up in every stitch of this wedding…. from Syd’s hand-made stuffed-heart table numbers, to Noe’s gushingly-romantic serenade, to the cozy Mariachi band strumming in the background.  And we were so blessed to have had the opportunity to go hog-wild with the details as well…FUN.  Syd and Noe even asked us to do a little Journey mosh-up for the ceremony (and no it didn’t sound like Glee…if only!)  They told us that every date they went on in the budding phases of their love somehow involved a Journey tune…funny.

So enough gushing about this wedding….you get it…we LOVED it.  And we love you Syd and Noe…we’ll never forget this day!


Graffiti cake and delicious sweet treats by Sweet & Saucy

Venue: The Park Avenue

Featured on Style Unveiled!!

Wow…we had a feeling there would be quite a bit of buzz about Arielle and Dave’s gorgeous wedding!  Mi Belle nailed it with so many breathtaking images….the lush green setting of Hartley Botanica was just perfect….and the flowers…well not too shabby huh?!  We think it’s uber RAD that  Arielle and Dave’s real wedding is featured on Style Unveiled today….yay!  Give it a gander : )  http://styleunveiled.com/larealweddings/arielle-and-david.html